The Use Of Electricity On Various Sectors

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Electricity is one of the most precious resources that had provides human beings with various benefits. It has not only been able to eliminate darkness from the world, but had immensely contributed to various sectors of the world today. The below information shows some of the sectors that utilizes electricity for many useful purposes. 

Transport Sector

At present, vehicle manufacturers have introduced the use of electric vehicles. This leads in producing less greenhouse gases and minimizing oil dependence. This eventually results in a reduction of air pollution within the environment. Electric buses such as hybrid-electric buses including have been introduced by many countries including New Zealand and China. Electric shuttle services are being designed with the use of battery and ultra-capacitor technology with the aim to increase efficiency in public transport for people. 


Electricity is used for various purposes from ironing your clothes to watching news on television. In the US, household electricity consumption has shown be around 11,700 kWh per year, whereas in UK it isaround 4,600 kWh. The global electricity consumption is approximately around 3,500 kWh as found in the year of 2010. Electricity for households are mainly generated with the use of a distribution transformer which has usually have ratings less than 200 kVA. 

Industrial Sector

The United States being a highly industrialized country uses one third of the country’s energy for industry purposes. According to a survey conducted in 2010, 31% of the energy is used for petroleum refining, 9% for metal manufacturing and 27% for chemical industries. Another industry which uses around 32% of the electricity is the mining industry. Electricity is generated through equipment such as a mining transformer and most of the energy is used for process such as grinding and ventilation in the coal industry. 

Commercial Sector

There will be no improvement with regard to the commercial sector of a country without the use of electricity. According to statistics which were introduced in 2015, most of the electricity in the US is used for lighting. It is used for educational institutions, government building, street lighting and other offices. Other uses of electricity for in the commercial industry include the use of technological devices, cooling and ventilation. It has also been found that 8% of the energy is use for health care, 10% for education, 14% for offices and 15% for mercantile.

Therefore, it is clear that we will not experience a good quality of life without electricity and it is indeed our responsibility to use it in a wise manner.