Electricians Will Need to Adapt in the Upcoming Decades


If you would travel to the future, around 20 years from now, and would ask somebody if they know a good electrician there is a good chance they would just stare at you, not knowing what you meant. The reason? With the growing need to find cleaner energy, the job of an electrical contractor could very well change in the upcoming decades if not years. Once the now still alternative methods will be implemented into our everyday lives, those professionals will likely evolve into “energy contractors”.

They will need to know about solar and wind energy the way they understand electricity and electrical systems now. More and more companies adopt those green technological advancements and there is only a matter of time before they appear on a wider scale in residential homes as well. The reasons for their popularity are easy to understand. Those technologies are not only safer and cheaper in the long run (in some countries you still have to pay to the government utility regardless of the fact that you rely on solar panels).

The use of renewable energy will skyrocket

Electricians will have to adapt simply because there is nothing that could stop the renewable energy movement at this point. Everything that’s green is on the rise and the snowball has clearly reached the point of no return which means anything that tries to get in the way will be rolled over. There are several studies out there on the subject and one of the more popular reports foreshadow a huge increase in the next five years.

Another study predicts that by 2030, renewable energy use could raise to 900% of the current numbers. The biggest percentage of that growth will likely come from green buildings. The vast majority of the green solutions are used in huge corporate buildings at the moment. Most of the technologies are still simply too pricey for regular use. That will definitely change in the near future (approachable technologies always get cheaper with time) but the rate of that growth is hard to predict at the moment.

The profession may change, but the expertise will still be needed

An electrician in Ryde may not be called that in the future, but their expertise will likely remain in high-demand. The reason why an electrician is likely stay in the same field is because they will have a huge advantage. They already know what it’s like to deal with different installations, including but not limited to building retrofits and transmission systems. This won’t change in the future, the methods will. Lighting systems are a good example.

There are approximately 2.2 million of commercial buildings in the United States alone. The vast majority of those buildings have a very outdated lighting system in place. Those will need to be upgraded sooner rather than later using green energy in the process. Some small part of it can be upgraded by a simple maintenance worker, but the more complex elements of the system will require some professional care.

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